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AVAX Vector .NET v.1.0

By Avax-Software

© 1993-2009 Athanasios Gardos




AVAX Vector for .NET is a powerful component that provides over 500 events, methods, properties, ready to use commands and parameters to view, create, edit, print and manage 2D vector drawings. It offers developers a full control of the end users interactive drafting process.



1        Standard geometric drawing items (Line, Point, Polyline, Arc, Circle, Ellipse, Polygon, Bezier, etc).
2        Text with Windows based fonts.
3        Polygon shapes filled with any kind of patterns (AutoCAD .PAT files, API solid or pattern, Bitmaps, animations etc). Shapes have z order.
4        Blocks creation and insertion.
5        Color Palette, Layers, Width, Font table, Line and Point types.
6        Zoom Window, Extends, Dynamic, Pan, All and Previous.
7        Select (Window, In Window, All, Select Add-Sub).
8        Grid and Snap.
9        Every drawing object has Handle, KeyName and its own Properties (string array).
10        Copy, Array, Move, Scale, Rotate, Mirror, Transform etc.
11        Interactive graphics by using a Selection Region.
12        Snap to end line, nearest, middle, intersection, perpendicular etc.
13        Trim, Fillet, Extend, Offset and Hatch with lines.
14        Dimensions and Angles.
15        Insertion bitmaps and files (BMP, JPG, ICO, PCX, WMF, SHP, TXT, PLT, RTF).
16        Insertion drawings (AutoCAD® DXF).
17        Export to DXF, SVG, PLT, PIC, BMP, WMF, JPG, PDF, XML and RTF
18        Clipboard Copy, Cut and Paste.
19        Measure distance and area.
20        Print fit to page on multiple pages.
21        Print to any hDC, Print Preview
22        Undo/Redo command in every action (3000 Undo /1 Redo).
23        230 Events, Methods and Properties with their source code examples.
24        165 ready to use drawing commands and 110 drawing parameters.
25        Events like BeforeClick, SelectChange, BeforeCopy, BeforeMove, ZoomChange etc.
26        Horizontal and/or vertical scroll bars and rulers.
27        External files to customize Messages, Line Types, Font Table, Color Palette etc.